Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just a few links.

These were just a few links to give an idea of how people are using handicapped persons for smuggling. It also indicates that some handicapped people are taking advantage of the fact that they are considered a lower risk than people without handicaps.

Smuggling animals.

This is an article from last year detailing the use of a prosthetic leg to smuggle illegal animals.

Pretending to be handicapped.

This is a link to an older article detailing how a lot of the smugglers around Jalalabad in Afghanistan pretend to be handicapped to escape scrutiny by law enforcement officals.

Tea smuggling

This is a link on the use of handicapped people for smuggling tea in Afghanistan.

Handicapped smugglers.

This is going to be an ongoing list of links providing details about a disturbing trend in the world. More groups are using physically and mentally challenged persons to perform their nefarious deeds (yeah, that is right, I used nefarious in a sentence!). The following is about the increased use of handicapped people to further the trafficking of illegal items between India and Nepal.